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Cedars of Lebanon

Film Synopsis

"Cedars of Lebanon" is a bittersweet tale of redemption that communicates a life-affirming, inspirational message celebrating hope, reconciliation and unconditional love. The reality portrayed in this cross-generational, character driven drama explores the progression and consequences of dysfunction in one American family. The Film features the lives of the Deutchman brothers, two latch key kids growing up in Los Angelesʼ San Fernando Valley during the 1970's. Barry Deutchman, the older of the two boys, struggles to thrive and grow as he is forced from a young age to take care of his desperate single mother (Maureen) and angry younger brother (Cameron), all while trying to heal his own heart wounded by the abandonment of his narcissistic father. Barryʼs journey unfolds as he becomes a self-medicating actor with a young wife and kids of his own to nurture, blindly setting off down the universal road of unbroken cycles. After a compassionate intervention and Barryʼs own crisis of faith, he ultimately rises again…the cycle is broken and selfless love prevails.

The shallow rooted yet sturdy Cedars of Lebanon are ruggedly majestic trees set apart for particular purpose. In our story they symbolize the preservation and high value placed on the child of a broken home…supernaturally sustained in his rocky place.